Multivalued Arithmetic Logic

It was established for a long time that the binary logic system is the standard system for Von-Neumann computation due to its hardware efficiency. With the rise of emerging devices, new computing paradigms, and new applications, it is necessary to re-evaluate multivalued logic systems and find the optimal system for each application. Hence, In this project, we aim to revisit the multivalued logic systems under such advances and evaluate the computational and hardware costs.


  • Prof. Ahmed Radwan
  • Prof. Ahmed Eltawil
  • Prof. Rouwaida Kanj
  • Prof. Ihsen Alouani

Current Students:

  • Rowan Mohammed (NU)
  • Doaa Abdelrahman (NU)
  • Amr Mohammeden  (NU)

Former Students:

  • Mira Hout (AUB)
  • Nancy Soliman (NU)