Neuromorphic Algorithms and Hardware

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  • M. Vijjapu, K. Salama, M. E. Fouda, A. Eltawil, B. Ooi, “Perovskite And Polymer Composite-Based Flexible Capacitive Photoreceptor For Neuromorphic Vision Sensors" U.S. Provisional Application Serial No.63/255,556, filed on Oct. 14, 2021.
  • M. E. Fouda, E. Neftci, F. Kurdahi, A. Eltawil and M. Payvand, “Error-triggered Learning for Efficient Memristive Neuromorphic Hardware" U.S. Provisional Application Serial No.63/116,271, filed on Nov. 20, 2020.


  • Prof. Khaled Salama (KAUST)
  • Prof. Emre Neftci (Jülich, UCI)
  • Prof. Ahmed Eltawil (KAUST)

Current Students:

  • Wenzhe Guo (KAUST)
  • Ayan Shymyrbay (KAUST)
  • Diego Silva (KAUST)