Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing offers a way to solve many challenging problems that can not be solved with classical computers. However, quantum computers are in the early stage of development and suffer many problems including intrinsic noise that could highly reduce the fidelity of the results.

In this project, we first explore noise mitigation techniques that can be used to mitigate the impact of the different noise and to develop error-correcting techniques for the applications of interest.

Third,  we explore the implementation of neural networks on quantum computers to enable offline (ex-situ) training without involving any classical computation. Online (In-situ) training is also of interest.


  • Prof. Fadi Kurdahi (UCI)
  • Dr. Rouwida Kanj (AUB)
  • Prof. Keivan Navi‬

Current Students:

  • Fouad Afiouni (AUB)
  • Farida Al-haddad (AUB)
  • Mariam Rakka (UCI)

Former Students:

  • Ali Shaib (AUB)
  • Mohammad Naim (AUB)